Wat stimuleert Cytokinine?

Wat stimuleert Cytokinine?

Wat stimuleert Cytokinine?

Cytokinine staat bekend als het hormoon dat celdeling stimuleert. Daar ontleent het zelfs zijn naam aan. Maar zoals alle hormonen heeft ook dit meerdere effecten, die ook nog eens worden bepaald door verhouding met andere hormonen. Vooral de balans met auxine is van belang.

What are cytokinins in plants?

Cytokinins. Cytokinins are a group of plant growth regulators which are primarily involved in performing cell division in plant roots, shoot system. This hormone helps in promoting the cell’s growth, development, differentiation, affecting apical dominance and delay in leaf senescence.

What are cytokinins and its types?

Cytokinins. These hormones mostly found in all the complex plants, bacteria, mosses, and fungi. There are some 200 different types of synthetic and natural cytokinins and most of them are usually developed in the meristem of the roots. It is the name of an area of tissue in the plant that promotes cell division actively.

How do cytokinins slow down agening in plants?

The cytokinins slow down the agening (senescence) in plants, by controlling protein synthesis and mobilization of resources. For example – when green leaves are removed from a plant and dipped in the cytokinins they stay green for a longer period of time than the control leaves.

What are cytokinins and why are they used in cotton?

Pistachio and apple orchards are often supplied with added cytokinins to produce more fruit, and cotton is shown to do better during drought when cytokinins were supplied. Cytokinins are plant hormones that cause increased cell division by stimulating the process of mitosis.

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